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Announce our New MeshBean Media Partner Program

MeshBean Media Partner Program:

Since our followers and members are growing, we decided to create a Media Partner Program to ease the access for those who wants to promote MeshBean through the social media channels, app, and website.

Why MeshBean Media Partner Page:

Our goal is to attract more people who have a big group of followers, we want them to sign up with us as well, so Media Partner Page can make it easier!

Where Can I find it :

When you go to our Main Website, at the bottom of the page as it shows with the blue arrow in the picture, there is a new option now under the name of ” MeshBean Media Partner ” Click on it then you will be directed into the Media Partner Page. (Figure 1.1)


MeshBean Media Partner

Media Partner form

Figure 1.1

How Can I be a Partner:

If you have any type of online medium that you think is good for promoting MeshBean you may apply to our media partner program by completing the form below.

Our team will review your application and decide what is the best way to work together in order to maximize your earning.



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