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Having Fun While Earning Money

A great advantage that MeshBean has is that you can explore new apps while you make money.

Once you login to the app you will see the following menus. You can ‘Invite’people and earn from our referral program.


By using the MeshBean app, you get to seeĀ  the ‘Offers’ which are the apps we have and when you install the app and explore it you will actually earn coins.


The ‘Discover’ is a place where you can explore new apps for fun. Our system will recommend apps to you based on what you’ve installed using MeshBean so you can explore new related apps of your interest.

Finally, the ‘Reward’ sections allow you to redeem rewards from the coins that you’ve collected. All you need is a minimum of 5,000 coins in order to start redeeming. We offer PayPal cash, Amazon gift card, Apple credit and Facebook gift card.

Don’t forget to login in daily to collect your sign in bonus as well check for new offers.

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