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Is Your App Being Found?

With over 2 million apps and counting, a crucial goal for app developers in today’s market is for their app to be found.

App store are mainly search based or category based, if you know the name of the app you are searching for you will have no problem finding the app you are looking for. But what about the newly started apps that doesn’t have their name out there yet? How will they be found?

So let’s look at ways that apps can go underdetected in app stores:

1) App Reviews: reviews plays a big part in the app’s visibility in the app store. As people are learning that ratings are crucial,  app developers will typically give their app with a 5 star rating upon development however their competitors are post a bunch of 1 star rating, giving the app a split review.

In addition, there are a lot of anonymous reviews in which the general public value less of the opinion of anonymous reviews. Therefore recommendations through social media will generate higher quality users, however if you are a new start up you will have problems penetrating through these niche of influential marketers.

2) Paid installs: Another method for driving up your app’s visibility is with paid installs. The more installs your app gets, the higher the ranking is for the overall app. So if you are a newly start up app, your advertising budget might be limited compared to the more well known apps.

3) Demand vs supply: There are new apps being developed and made available daily each day. However, the number of users as well as their demand isn’t as much as the supply, which contributes to the overall challenge of getting your app found by these users.

So how can MeshBean help app developers overcome these problems and increase your app’s visibility?

1) Advertising: You can increase your app’s installs by advertising your app through MeshBean. You will only be charge on a per install basis. This will increase your organic installs and get listed higher in the app store in comparison to before. You can try our Quick Promotion Package for a total of $25 for 100 installs, that’s $0.25 per install.

2) Recommendation: Within our app, we do have a section called ‘Discovery’. We would recommend our users with different apps based on what they have browse and installed within the MeshBean app. These will include any apps that are submitted to the major app store no matter the size of the app.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact MeshBean  and our rep can work with you and your app.

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