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New Offer: Chativity Messager

MeshBean would like to welcome Chativity – Chat, Like & Share on board.

Canadian members are able to install this app and give it a try earning 130 coins.

Here is a brief description of Chativity:

Chativity is the best messaging app for Android that makes chatting with friends fast and way more fun than in other free messaging apps.

Our fastest messenger erases the limits of plain text conversations and offers you ready-to-use collections with texts and colorful, emotional stickers. Create your personal packs and combine whatever you want. Share them easily with your friends, get them liked and commented.

Download Chativity for:

Creativity. Be the one who styles trend by creating own fun packs

Popularity. Become famous by sharing your personal collections in social networks and posting in the mobile chat room

Getting in Touch. Use this messenger to send free text enriched with different content

Inspiration. Discover new things and follow the old ones you like to generate new ideas

Discovering. Follow collections or create new ones – unleash your creativity and share it with the world! Go viral!

Compose text collections with your most used phrases (friends birthday messages as an option), so you won’t have to type them over and over again. Or collect you favorite comedian quotes and quote memes to quickly spice up the conversation when needed.

Get the best GIF app – Chativity makes gif sharing simple and fast. All gifs are free, and you are welcome to collect them in packs.

Find out actual popular trends about your interests, events, sports, comedy, and music. Follow the channels you like or create yours using this video sharing app.

Your life is bigger than 60 characters. Share your best moments.

It is the only messenger where the best stories are captured, created and shared.

So download now and invite your friends too. Start chatting, creating and sharing!

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