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New Offer Games for This Week

Android–Shinobi War

Charge into battle with the insanely fun and addicting PVP/RPG game, Shinobi War! Collect and develop your favorite classic Shinobi, build your own unique team and match wits with wily enemies. Engage in Arena showdowns with online users from all over the world and become the Hokage you’ve always dreamed of now!

 If you are located in the AU you may download this game on MeshBean to receive 325 coins.

Android– Monopoly Bingo!


Strike it rich as you travel around the board in the award-winning MONOPOLY Bingo! With every game you unlock rewards that lead to new properties to visit, like St. Charles Place or Illinois Avenue! Play with your friends and use unique boosts for awesome effects like free daubs, extra coins and more! Play with more cards than any other Bingo game, using smooth controls to easily switch between them, daub numbers, and call Bingo the second you have it!From now, members from NO, US can earn 32 coins after installing.



Android–Jumper-Leap Bisquit


Absolutely new, exciting and catching game!
Download the game, and help little monster to reach the top!
Collect golden stars,search secret prizes and open new levels at this amazing and funny game!

If you are located in SG download this app, Meshbean will give you 292coins.

Editors’ Choice

Android– Fortune Mooncake


Find your uplifting, inspiring or funny message that can brighten up your day.
Also you will find your lucky numbers today, try your luck, and see if you can become the next millionaire…
This app is specially design for the Mid-autumn festival, the old tail says, mid-autumn festival is from the fairy god living in the moon now, maybe she can give you a hint of what is your fortune, give it a try.

Download the app for free on MeshBean!



Android– Jumping Ball


additive game for training your eye-hand coordination. Tap the screen to make the ball jump through the obstacle.Download the app for free on MeshBean!

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