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New Offer: Poke Guide

With the this Pokemon hype, MeshBean would like to welcome the app Poke Guide to join our network.

No matter if you are a beginner or already an expert in this game this Poke Guide can definitely give you a big boost for the game.

This app is offer for download for our members in United Kingdom, Austria, Germany and Netherlands earning you 182 coins, simply by installing and opening the app.

For more information about the app, please review below:

If you are a fan of Pokemon, make sure that you can not miss the virtual reality game Pokemon. However, this game is fairly new, making you feel crestfallen. Guides apply to Pokémon will be a wonderful assistant for you.

Pokemon is a game very interesting and attractive, but not everyone knows how to use it, especially if it supports interaction with the outside world is extremely honest.

Pokemon is a virtual reality game intensified, it allows us to hunt and train Pokemon in real life, through handheld devices such as smartphones. But right now, we can help you learn how to play the game and go system.

Application guide will have three main components with features:

– Overview of the game Pokemon.

– The most basic question when a new Pokemon game .

– Instructions on how to create original characters.

– Instructions on how to win the first Pokémon

– Guide the attributes of each Pokemon

– Guide the characters level up.

– Instructions on how to develop a Pokemon

– Things you did not know about Pokemon

– Five major issues will be encountered when playing Pokemon

– Some tips when playing games.

– How to get Candy

– How to get the Pokeball ?

– We can find where Pikachu ?

– Guide the fastest increase.

– How to play fights GYM ?

– Provides detailed information about the device plus Pokemon

– Provides detailed information about the configuration requirements for smart phones.

– Provides a list of all the Pokemon will appear in the game that players can recruit, such as Pikachu, Pippi, …

– Providing search engines quickly a Pokemon.

– Provides detailed information on each Pokémon as type, point of attack, defense points, capable of evolution, …

– Fake GPS Guidance for areas not yet released Pokemon game

You should use this guide, it will give you many benefits:

– Detailed information, accurate and extremely easy to understand, very suitable for beginners you play Pokemon

– The interface is designed to be simple, easy to use, flat style beautifully.

– Full List of Pokemon, have all in Pokemon with 151 Pokémon Generation 1.

– Supports up to you on the road to conquer the Pogo games.
This app is a great guide for beginners, it also helps a lot for professional players. Please download the application right now, you’ll be able to catch them all the Pokémon with Pokemon game


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