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Payoneer Added As A New Publisher Payment Method

MeshBean has currently added Payoneer (in addition to PayPal and Check) as another payment method to MeshBean hoping that we are able to get more new publishers and work with publishers who may have restrictions to using PayPal and Check. Payoneer, opens the options for you to receive your payments from global markets from options like local bank withdraw, global bank transfer and prepaid mastercard. To learn more about Payoneer, please visit their website.

In order to update your Publisher Payment, go and login to your account. On the top menu select Payment and you will be guided to a new screen. Go to¬† ‘Update Payment Information’.

Screenshot from 2016-06-06 11-16-11

You will now be guided to the payment information page. For the Payout Type from the drop down menu choose Payoneer and fill in the details.

Screenshot from 2016-06-06 11-15-12

You should receive an email from Payoneer to active the account and update the account on Payoneer. Also please update the Payto* information on the MeshBean system. Once the Payoneer status is active we can successfully send your publisher payment to your Payoneer account.

We are always looking for new ways to partner with our publishers, so don’t be shy feel free to let us know at info@meshbean.com.

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